sleep in Florence

Common rules of behaviour and regulation for tourists

We welcome tourists according to Christian principles, so we ask our guests to:

  Share the ideals of conduct and respect their Christian teaching.


  To keep, for the duration of the stay, a behaviour and a clothing in harmony with the social and religious function of the structure.


  Observe the hours of entry and exit, giving notice, if possible, in case of delay.


  Avoid noise that could disturb other guests and nuns, especially in the afternoon and evening.


  Do not introduce unregistered strangers into the house without first advising the direction.


  Respect the imperative prohibition of smoking, do not use, in the rooms, personal appliances such as iron, stoves or kettles.


  Warn the nuns of any problems (breakage or breakdown) of objects made available to guests.


  The management does not respond to goods or valuables left unattended by guests in the rooms. All valuables can be deposited at the management.


  The congregation is not responsible for any damage that may occur to the host and/or to those who remain with him, due to their misbehaving. The congregation is also relieved of responsibility for damages concerning the same subjects for all interruptions of the services not attributable to it.

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