We ``Oblates of the Assumption`` propose, first of all, to work for the love of Christ, and for the advent of the Kingdom of God in us and around us.

Oblate of the Assumption

The order of the Oblate Sisters of the Missionary Religious Assumption was founded in 1865 by the venerable Father Emmanuel D'Alzon.

The sisters respond to the appeal of the Church wherever there is good to be done, wherever the image of God is threatened in man.


Our love of Christ is central to our spirituality. Every oblate feels a constant appeal to place him in her own life, in the life of the world, and in the desire that all men know him.


We live committed to a fraternal life in service of unity, truth and charity according to the spirit of Saint Augustine.


We strive to achieve a balance between our apostolic commitments, the life of prayer and community needs.

Oblate dell Assunzione
Padre Emanuel Dalzon

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